Monday, December 29, 2008

Tell me...

...What was your favorite gift, and why?

Monday, December 22, 2008

Cookies, and Bread, and Baking, Oh My!

We tried out making candy cane cookies this year. I let all the kids take turns rolling ropes of red and white dough for the canes.
They look better than they taste. But it was fun to make them!
I spent Saturday icing cookies and baking. Our class Christmas party was that evening and I felt responsible to offset our large family by taking plenty of food! I made my Grandmother's molasses bread recipe into rolls and they were very popular. I love that bread because it is so soft and slightly sweet. Mmmm...I whipped up some frosting for the kids and gave them each some cookies to decorate. Misha and Annette both enjoy piling the frosting high (my kind of kids!) and loading on the sprinkles!
I iced the gingerbread people myself since I know no one else can manage the piping bag and it is my favorite Christmas chore--even though it's messy. Ahhh...
All ready.

Now for this:

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I am: full!!!

Our Sunday school class Christmas party was tonight and the cookies called my name! Ugh! They still are begging for my attention. Yes, surprise, surprise--I overdid it on the sweets! I wish I had time to go for a looooonnnnggg walk!

But alas, I shall sleep it off--or, more accurately: I shall sleep it on.
Good night.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Something my brothers and sister will appreciate...

...Like Father Like Son-in-Law?

Hannah gave Steve this big mug for his birthday; he bragged that he could fit two ice cube trays of ice into it! I just groaned and got the camera.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Thanksgiving! ammended to include captions

Beth said it in her comment but this is how Kramer spent his weekend.

And this is how Simon's gun( and, though not pictured, also at least one light saber) spent it's weekend; safely held in Max's hand. I forget to watch him on this kind of thing. I noticed it at the orphanage too. All the kids would get a toy and then hang onto it whether they switched to another activity or not. Max is watching TV but oh, how he loved that gun! Once I noticed what he was doing I explained to him that he would have to choose, play with the toy or watch TV- but not both at the same time--I could see that was a difficult decision for him to make!

Hannah in her annual pilgrim getup. I wore this outfit when I was little.

Happily waiting for the food.

Little Jude and Lincoln. I am guessing those are Beth's toes in the backround. I mention that because I find it interesting that the two of us somehow inherited this trait that when we sit, we curl our toes under rather than tippi-toe style. We never noticed that we both did that until recently.
Beth's boy Jude with Grandpa.

Lynn, looking lovely and alluring. Nice necklace, Lynn!

This is becoming an annual picture of these two.

time for a walk

I took all the kids for a walk up the street before the big day ( Thanksgiving) . On the way back down the hill, they found some "treasures" and brought them home.
this silly boy wanted this leaf to be a hat for our pumpkin.
It was very important.
The pumpkin loved it.

Getting ready for Thanksgiving...

This little sweetie would rather help me bake than watch movies with her brothers and sisters.
She made the cherry pie. Daddy's favorite! We forgot to take "after" photos.

Extra pie crust: "cookies" and peanut butter and jelly stuffed pieces of dough. I think next time I'll leave out the peanut butter!