Thursday, June 28, 2007

New song

Make sure and listen to the new song on the side bar. Our church here in Tennessee is a Southern Baptist so I thought this song was fun. I never liked the original version anyway, after all, that whole You-other-girls-are-nice-but-California-girls-are-better thing kind of irked me. I would much rather be in the desirable sect, wouldn't you? ;-)

Tiny Nest

The top is a blurry photo of a jumbled section on the garage shelving. Below it you can see the hidden treasure that it holds, a cozy nest made of grass and moss and dead leaves and a single tiny white egg. The mom appears to be some sort of wren or sparrow. Just an ordinary brown bird who has taken advantage of the fact that I keep forgetting to close the garage door. I am pretty sure this is new within the last few days although I suspected she was up to something since I kept finding her in there. I wonder what she eats, If she eats bugs, then she'll probably find enough to get by in the garage but if she eats seeds, then maybe I should put a bit of seed in there in case I forget to open the door for her. I'll have to try and get a picture of the mama. We have skunks and coons around here that are attracted to the garbage cans in the garage and snoop around in there if we leave the door up so I can't just leave it up all the time or they'll likely find the nest.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Something funny...

Okay, I have discovered this Sonific Song Spot thing and, more interestingly, a whole bunch of songs there that are quirky and weird enough to tickle my funny bone. Let me know what you think of my song-of-the-moment; you know how I love to see comments! (Sometimes I just resort to unashamed begging!) I don't care if you don't have anything witty or clever to say, just say 'hi'!

By the way, I feel like I should add the disclaimer here that this song does not represent any Grandmothers that I know personally. Nobody need sue me or start a family rift. LOL! And anyway, if you think this song is about you--I'd keep it to yourself if I were you. I'd also look into the possibility of plastic surgery...just a suggestion.

Monday, June 18, 2007


Annette caught this frog tonight after an unsucceful attempt to find a box turtle. We read a story about a box turtle today and she fully intended to go out and find one! Steve helped her find this little guy but she's the one who grabbed it.
She had a hard time letting him go. Really. She would try and let him go and then her hand wouldn't cooperate. She said to me, "Mom, can't we get a tank for it?" I'm sure he was very traumatized after his experience today! (or "she" I don't know how to tell on a frog. Annette thought it might be 'pregganette')

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!
Steve is here with all his girls around him. We opened gifts at my Dad's house after My dad's favorite meal consisting of anything pasta! Today it was baked spaghetti and is was yummy! After that we went home and 'vegged' we watched a movie and made subs and cuddled in our oversized beanbag chair. Yup, we all fit--only a minimum of wails of, "I'm squished!" I like this picture. Annette insisted in kissing Steve in the picture and Ivy has that funny smile where one eye closes. She is saying, "Cheeezzz Peeessa!"

We're looking forward to the next Father's Day. Hopefully we will have doubled the number of children by then!!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Steve has a fishing buddy named Jerry who has a pontoon boat on Cherokee Lake. Jerry occasionally calls us up to let us know it will be free for the weekend and lets us take it out. We went the Sunday before last and got onto the boat just as a thunderstorm rolled in! We waited on the boat in the slip a while until the rain let up and the girls, especially Hannah, enjoyed hamming it up for the camera.
Ivy was just happy to sit in the boat and eat cookies and cheese crackers.

Whenever we go out on Jerry's boat we go Island exploring. Cherokee Lake is full of these little islands that are too small to inhabit and are perfect for a quick exploration expedition! We saw signs of life on this island however and Steve and Hannah went up to check it out. Steve told Hannah and Annette that it might have cannibals on it. "What are cannibals?" Annette wanted to know. Hannah told her that cannibals eat people but that daddy was kidding. Hannah sounded sure but all the way up the beach, I could hear her saying things to reassure herself. My favorite was, "These are definitely not cannibals here, cannibals would never use such pretty cups"!
Nothing like a day on the boat to tucker a little girl out!
Notice that Ivy is sucking her finger. She is two years old and just now has decided to take up finger sucking. She's already developing the callous. She spent a few days sucking her thumb and now has settled on the finger. How strange. I guess she saw kids in her Sunday school class doing it and figured it was worth a try!
We saw this bumper sticker on the way home. It reads "Love your enemies and you won't have any." I'm sorry if this steps on your toes but that is just silly! It sure sounds nice but the sad thing is that people are dying because of mindless glop like this. Now, don't get me wrong--I definitely believe in loving your enemies. I just am not so naieve that I could for one second believe that that would make them want to stop being my enemy!

Jesus loved us so much that he was willing to die--and he did--at the hand of his enemies. In fact, he even said that we are to love our enemies. Anyone can love a friend but it takes something special to love an enemy. This is certainly what he did; but it did not change the fact that he had enemies. Still does.

Don't people think things through? Just because a thing makes a nice, pat saying doesn't mean it's true! Oh well...

Off my soapbox now!

Strawberry Picking!

A couple of Saturdays ago, our friends the Powells invited us to go with them strawberry picking! We had a great day for it--overcast and low 80s. Brian and Margarita are out friends from Sunday School. I wish that picture of their daughter Gaby had not turned out so fuzzy but it's such a cute picture of her that I put it here anyway.

The kids had a great time and mine seemed to be especially filthy when it came time to go home! They loved finding the best berries and Ivy wasn't even much trouble although I expected her to be; she just followed me around eating her strawberries out of dusty hands and chattering away about whatever came to her two-year-old mind.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Where have I been?

I have not been neglecting you. Until I get a kind of cable called a lan cord or something like that, I can't use the internet on my computer. I am stuck waiting till Steve gets home from work and I don't want to put all my pictures onto his computer so I'm waiting.

This week is vacation Bible school at our church. We are expecting a lot of kids (in the thousands). The VBS at this church is their big thing each year and kids come from all over to attend. I will have to post pictures. ---When I get my cable, that is!

I'll be back!


Friday, June 1, 2007

Visit from Grandpa and Grandma Eimers

Grandpa and Grandma Eimers were here for a visit this week! What a treat for the girls to have them stay with us a few days! I took this picture as they were getting ready to leave. It was hot and humid but they hide it well, don't they?

Of course, the girls really enjoy spending time with Grandma. And Grandma enjoys spending time with them!
She bought a couple of DVDs for the girls and since our DVD player isn't working (I dropped it--don't ask...) they are watching Annie on Steve's laptop.

Steve and his Dad, Roger.

Steve's Dad's Birthday was yesterday. In honor of his 64th, we counted out 64 candles onto the cake. They were sticking out the sides and everywhere! It took several of us to light it so that the first candles wouldn't melt before the last were lit. Luckily he's never been a smoker; He blew out all the candles in two breaths!!

My little Beauties in the front yard yesterday wearing their new dresses from Grandma Eimers. They surely have enjoyed having Grandma and Grandpa Eimers here for a visit. They will be heading home in a couple of hours. The girls will miss them bunches!