Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dear Grayson, Happy Valentine's Day, 2028!

If you have a baby around for Valentine's Day, a good activity for you and baby is to dress baby up in a cupid costume, set him on a blanket and start snapping pictures.

Baby Cupid will almost certainly eat the props. (In case of a melt-down, having a red-heart sucker and a big sister handy for your
disgruntled Cupid is a good idea, also.)

And it is helpful to know that when Cupid's red-heart sucker is done,
he's done.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

More house project pictures

The boys all love to watch the Bobcat! See the almost-finished garage behind Vitali? It's done now! I love it!

Working on the front porch portico.
I accidentally made this picture my desktop picture this morning. Haha! There's the portico as well as a view of the new Bathroom window.
Acceptable seating standards have changed in our living room these days. See the new window behind Gray?

Clearly, these pictures are not in order. This is the house during the living room addition and before that portico.
Inside project: making usable space out of the high area above the stairs. This is a closet now that opens into the living room!
My baby can beat up your baby. My baby eats nails for breakfast!
Put the front door in and had to move it over by 4 1/2 inches to center it on the porch.
Ugh! It's better now. Thanks, Steve!

So, you can see, it's coming together! I haven't even shown you the inside stuff! More later....