Monday, September 22, 2008

Look what's for dinner!

So, I was looking in the "can cupboard" the other day for some miracle of deliciousness to serve to my hungry family for dinner when I came across something that caught my eye. Does it catch yours?
Thanks for the laugh, Hannah. :-) And what good comedic strategy to bury your joke in the back of the cupboard for over a week and not tell me about it! I am so proud. (Sob, Sniff)

Friday, September 19, 2008

A bunch more random photos from the trip

On our way to New York, we imposed upon my brother and his family on the day which also happened to be Hannah's birthday. We walked in to see balloons tied to the chairs and a delicious looking cake on the table. (I should not that this also turned out to be delicious tasting, too!)
The present stack looked better than the bag contents were but Hannah posed next to the carefully balanced pile, just the same. There was a karaoke machine in the big one on the bottom which kept us entertained well into the evening!

Steve's Uncle Richard invited us to stop by his farm on our way out of town to pick grapes. We jumped at the chance and picked quite a few! We're still eating them. Most of the kids have been averaging at least 2 bunches a day and there is still a day left! Mmmmm! Thank you, Dick and Stephanie!!

The kids had fun getting the last of their wiggles out for the day on this spinning teeter-totter like contraption. I don't know what it was, exactly, but it was fun!

Steve's parents home was overrun with pets. Theirs and visiting animals. Four baby kittens were excellent entertainment. This is Misha pretending to like the kittens. He really doesn't know why we all held them or why his brothers and sisters carried them all around. He did notice that holding a kitten and smiling would win him a spot on the camera. :-)

Wendy and Little-Wendy.

Steve helping his soon-to-be new little sister with her homework. Selena loves her Uncle Steve. My family will get a kick out of the fact that he is, hands down, her favorite uncle. As in, she cried for an hour in her bedroom after we left. Ha! Beat that, Aunt Elise. ;-)

Max and one of the four kittens. This one's name is Oreo. Another of Steve's new little sisters told me his name. Trouble is, she doesn't say her "r" sounds. So she said "Owee-owe". It took me a minute...

Ivy and a kitty watch Vitali color. He wants no help from the kitten.
But look at this trick, Mommy!
My next words were, "Ivy! don't do that to the kitten!"

Ivy as a flower girl again.

Pretty Annie


All but two of this generation of the family tree.

Steve dancing with Hannah and his youngest sister-to-be, Yasmin.
(pronounced Jasmine, for some reason)

Okay, that's it for now. I think the next photos will be about something else.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Panama Rocks

We decided to go to Panama Rocks instead of Niagara Falls this time with the kids. I think it may have been Mary's suggestion. All I know is Steve asked me which I wanted to do and Panama Rocks sounded great. I was not disappointed in that decision!

Panama Rocks is full of great, big, huge, rocks. And, it is in Panama, NY. Hence, the name. There is a path to follow but there is no risk of being lost forever in the woods if you wander off the trail. Good for us because that is the whole fun of it: Climbing up rocks, seeing if you can fit through crevasses, daring to find out where that light at the end of the tunnel is coming from...

Also, there were a lot of nice woodsy things like moss and ferns and fungi. The only time fungi is nice, by the way. Even hollow trees.

The bummer for me is that my flash ruined the pictures by bouncing off of things unnaturally but when I turned it off, things tended to blur. The odd processing of some of these pictures is my attempt to save an otherwise lousy picture, so bear with me. I really need to figure out that f-stop thing!
We found a couple of sprites in a hollow tree. Aren't they cute?


All of us. the third, but finally successful photo.

(In case you're stupid and need a caption)

Another sprite.


Fun Guys.


Happy, Hugging Cousins.

It's amazing how these trees manage to grow on top of the rocks by
stretching their roots around until them they find dirt. It's also fun to climb them.

If you like nature and are in the western NY area, Panama rocks is a great place to go! We had the perfect fall day for it, too. But there will be many more fall days left for you to enjoy!


We went up north for Steve's youngest brother's wedding. Ivy was their flower girl. She looked so beautiful. All her siblings told her so. The little ring bearer did too. She was in her glory!

Enjoy the photos!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

venting but smiling.

(Vitali, looking all sweet and innocent.)

I woke up weary this morning. No one to blame but myself for staying up too late. (I got a new book at the library.) I am promising myself a quick nap this afternoon...we'll see.

Vitali has been trying my patience lately. I think he has five-minute-willpower. And that is a generous estimate. For instance,

Me, the other day: "Vitali! Don't bang on the walls with your hammers. That is the third time this morning I have had to tell you." It was 9:30am. "You may not play with your hammers any more today."

Time passes. approximately four minutes. Vitali and Ivy are arguing.

Vitali: "I had it first!!!"

Me: "What?"

Vitali: "I had it my malleto!"

Yes, you guessed it. 'Malleto' means 'Hammer'.


He was cute last night, though. I was singing with my little malinkees (small ones) in their bed. Vitali loves to sing along. His rendition of this one, complete with arm motions, is so .... so .... so "Vitali":
"Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so.
little ones to Him belong; they are weak but he is MUSCLES!"

Off to get ready for school today...

Ps. Oops! I meant to post this on the adoption blog. I just put it over there, too. But with a different picture. for variety, you know.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

John Piper: Abortion Is About God

I saw this on another blog this morning and watched the entire 8 minutes and 26 seconds even though I had intended to only get the jist of what he had to say.

What he has to say is not new to me but so close to my heart that I thought I'd share this.