Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Favorite pictures of January...

So, It's been a while, but, hey! I've been busy and I figure that most of my readers also have been reading our adoption blog, that is, If they really love me...

Fact is, that has pretty well consumed my mental sphere of late. I haven't been trying any new recipes or crafts. I haven't even made my bed most days, for goodness sakes! But, even though I like to make my bed but have been too preoccupied for that, the good news is, I have not been to preoccupied to shower or brush my teeth! So, hopefully, that puts it into perspective a bit for you.

Life is pretty good right now, considering what it could be like! We have our moments and routine is peeking its head up over the horizon in tantalizing seductiveness! I have, naturally, managed to take many pictures of the boys. The girls have suffered a bit this month from lack of photographic proof of their existence but, in the grand scheme of things, well...I think they will recover...

Anyway, I haven't posted in so long that I decided to do a "Best of" post. This one will be my favorite photos of this month. It's about the end of the month and my pictures are sorted on my computer by month so I can't be bothered to open other files tonight! Be happy to get this much!!

So, without further adieu, here are my selections in completely random order ( Just to irritate the chronologically obsessive. Sorry, Dad...)

Vitali. A lot of my favorites are of him. Hey, he's three!
And you're only three once, right?! After that, your cuteness starts going downhill!

Again: Vitali.
Yep, him again. See? I told you he's cute!

OK, now, first of all--a disclaimer:
My mom raised me better that this. So it is with a pang of guilt that I have posted this picture. Obviously, my mom actually only almost raised me better than this...but not quite. Sorry, Mom.
Isn't this a sweet picture?
It's actually a little fuzzy, but look at that charm... so... it makes my favorites list!

Doesn't he look happy?! I can't wait to be able to talk to the boys and have them talk back and have us understand each other!!! I am so interested to find out what they are thinking! I wonder what they miss, or especially enjoy, or what is amazing to them, etc...

My man. I have a hard time getting pictures of him that I think do him justice. I like this one. I am glad that men get better looking as they get older (in my opinion). Really, that works out well for us women who have to look at them all the time. I do wish it were the same for women too, though, I have to admit...

I don't know why this one makes my favorites list.
He is always so animated for the camera. I think I like it because he's not looking
...and because that hat is too big for him!

Annette loves her daddy.
Me too, Annette.

This one is in Ukraine at a McDonald's there.
I like the colors and the randomness of the poses.
Everyone is sitting there but not everyone cares to be 'cheesing' it up.
Hey! The kids just thought it was a picture to show off their balloons!

I love this one. This was us taking Max out of his orphanage for the last time. The suitcase is stuff we took to him. He left with pretty much nothing. Only a couple of gifts from his teacher.
I had to choose between this photo and the next I had taken to post as my favorite one. The following being where Max turns around to me and says, "MAAAMA, Idee suda!" (Mama, come here!)

Max's first haircut (with us). He suddenly looks so American!
And handsome!

The Malinkees. That's what I call these two. "Malinki" is Russian for "little". Steve sometimes sings that title to the tune of "Hey, Hey We're The Monkees" These two are exactly the same size except for Vitali being so skinny. He's a year older than Ivy but is still more of a baby.

Why this one?
I don't know... I guess I just like all the visual interest that the lines in the chair and her shirt give...
Also, She's pretty cute!

So, there you have it! Hope you've enjoyed my favorite January pictures!

Oh, and tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY!!


Just thought I'd remind you...