Saturday, February 6, 2010

Knock on wood...

...That's what I said to Steve last night after he commented that it is amazing we haven't had any big injuries or broken bones. But Steve didn't do it.(Vitali, Before.)

Today, little Vitali was dancing through the basement when he fell and knocked his eye hard enough to split it open on a wooden chair. The girls heard him crying and came running to get me, Hannah carrying Vitali up the stairs where I met up with my bloody-faced little guy.
(Vitali, After)

He had a split that would likely have needed two stitches if we had taken him in. I decided to see if it looked like it would hold together with butterfly bandages before we went in for the stitches. Fortunately, while there was a lot of blood at first, it also stopped quickly so I was able to get the bandages to stick well and not have to worry about them slipping off and opening the wound. Satisfied with how they were pulling it together I bundled my little guy up for a little snuggle, warmed a blanket in the dryer, and let him pick a movie (He picked Zoro--a nice, long movie) to watch with Ivy to keep him still while it began to knit.

Then, we all watched another movie together (Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs--a very dumb movie) after dinner and he and daddy snuggled on the couch together.
He's worried about going to church tomorrow with bandages. He is always so concerned about looking perfect. I told him it would be cool to get to tell everyone about it. He didn't buy my story. Oh, well. Should've knocked on wood.

35th birthday party.

Anyone from my family and those who have grown up with my family will appreciate this picture. In fact, I am glad I took it. A picture of dad getting his "arrival of the guests" video. I am pretty sure he was glad that my birthday was on a weekend so we could have the party midday for better lighting in the videos! Ha ha!

We were invited to my mom and dad's for lunch Sunday to celebrate how young I look for 35. Or something like that....

Mom made me this peanut butter frosted chocolate cake studded with peanut butter chocolate chips and what looked like way more than thirty five candles. Mmmmm....Then came the gifts! I think that in this picture I am opening Ivy's gift which was a pair of red plastic goblets with pink plastic hearts decorating the stems. Lovely! LOL! I love the gifts the kids pick out when given free range at the Dollar store!

Then we played this game, My mom, Dad, Evan and me. Mom won. So we played again.
I tried to win based on the fact that it was my birthday. But I had to settle for winning because I'm AWESOME!!!
This is what I looked like while I was busy beating the socks off of everyone.
We had this pretty view out the back door due to a freezing rain the night before. I am apparently not as good at capturing the light on the ice as I was hoping. This picture is not nearly as pretty as it was in person.

As we were leaving, I saw what the kids were doing while we were playing the board game.
Ain't he cute?