Friday, November 4, 2011

October: Grayson pictures abound!

My little guy is growing so fast! October 19th, Gray turned 8 months!!
He's been such an active little fella! Climbing up on things for quite a while now, he is traveling along furniture with ease. I guess he wants to keep up with the big boys!
I just love when he sits still and hangs out with me. What a sweet little lover-boy he is. Definitely a mama's boy, he likes to keep me in his sights most of the time, even at home. At first, I found this cumbersome. Don't get me wrong: I love my little guy so much! But I wanted to be able to put him in the nursery and such. After a few tries, I found out that I needed to change my ideals for this little guy's lovey personality. Now, I choose to be flattered by his affection and I love it! It won't last forever, after all! I'm sure I won't look back and wish I'd spent more time apart from him. He's my sweet treasure.
I also love this guy: Steve, The Cat-herd.
And there's that sweet baby face again.
He's getting a little happier to branch out to other family members now. He loves his daddy, too. Also Max is his big buddy.