Saturday, January 16, 2010

Egg #3

Misha stood outside the chicken coop with us and watched as an egg fell noiselessly under the chicken who had endured an audience for the last ten minutes or so. He then held up four fingers and proudly proclaimed, "Now we have three eggs!" His mouth was right. His hand needs more practice.

Max displaying a still warm egg.
(In the background, you can see Pinocchio, the half-beaked chicken, shoveling
cracked corn and chicken food out of one of her precious buckets)

The egg on the left is a store-bought large egg. The one on the right is our egg-of-the-day. See how much smaller that is? I don't know when or if the future eggs will get larger but I think they do start out a little smaller in the chicken's first attempts to lay.

The Mama. Side view.

The Mama, front view. Yeah, she doesn't get any prettier from different angles. Besides having the huge knock against her that she is a chicken and can only truly be considered lovely by other chickens, she also has a problem because with that comically flopped-over comb nobody takes her seriously.


Lynn Falk said...

I hope your kids like eggs! looks like you will have plenty of them soon! Next time we visit TN we'll have to bring our boys over to your house. They would love to see all the chickens.

Grandma Falk said...

I was so excited when Hannah called to tell me about your first egg. How long has it been? Didn't you get the chickens last spring? No matter the size! So, how did they taste? How satisfying to gather your own eggs and then have them for breakfast! Bravo, mama chicken!

Mike and Christie said...

The eggs do get bigger with time.
You may find a little tiny baby egg now and then. The size of a peanut m and m. :)
We save these for a friend who paints eggs.

We have had eggs so big the carton wouldn't shut! ouch!

So glad you are enjoying your eggs.
They REALLY do taste better!

You might want to start saving egg cartons, depending upon how many hens start laying.:)