Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I thought I should post something. After all, it's been a while. Trouble is, not much is going on around here, I mean, we're busy but not anything that I'd take pictures of. Just schoolwork, chicken stuff, church, and that sort of thing. No one has fallen and cut themselves open lately, or won any large amounts of money (darn), or won the Nobel Peace Prize.

So, hey! What's up with you all? What is the most mundane thing you've done today? Me? I think it would have to be smearing Vaseline on a chapped kid. :-) Top that!


Anonymous said...

Well, I made my 41,541st meal today, give or take a few. I multiplied the number of years I've been married (almost 38) times 365 and multiplied that by 3. No wonder I'm getting tired of my cooking!


Anonymous said...

Yesterday I made dark chocolate raisin clusters, milk chocolate ones, cashew clusters, almond clusters and unmolded hundreds of chocolate bunnies, bears, horses, and other various chocolate creations. Is that mundane?

:) Heather

Melissa E. said...

NO, Bragger!! It is not mundane! (but I'll have to taste them to be sure)