Thursday, April 1, 2010

An Outside Boy.

Max loves to be outside whether it is playing basketball in the driveway, riding his bike down the street, hitting trees with sticks (or whatever it is boys like to do with sticks), or playing with the animals, he's out there in the heat or cold or rain and definitely if there is snow!

An early riser, he goes out each morning to unlock the chicken coop and let the chickens out to roam. Today he was giving some stale bread to the chickens and I decided to take a couple pictures:

Holding Kelsey, a floppy combed leghorn who is slightly very dumb, he's feeding Tit (Ivy named her), the bald-backed chicken. That's not a breed, just the after effects of a dog attack a while ago. She survived but lost all her back feathers and walks with a gimp. That gimp doesn't stop her from jumping up to get Max's offering of bread, though!

Over there to the side you can see the white and black rooster, General Tso, head down and pretending not to care about silly things like bread until....Hey! get back here!

There. That's better.


Stange Family said...

he looks a lot older all of a sudden...

Tami said...

Good! I thought it was just me! You're right, Stange Family, he does look at lot older!