Friday, May 14, 2010

Overheard at the breakfast table...

( I love this recent photo of my pre-teen. It makes me chuckle!
She was teasing me a bit with that eye-roll
but I think there was a hint of a thirteen-year-old in there as well.
She's really not so snobby. hee hee)

Hannah (age 10, bragging to one/all of the other kids) :
"...In only eight years I'll be considered an adult! "

Me (age 35, pulling my nose out of the washing machine to call upstairs) :
"Well, only eight years AGO you were considered a toddler!"

*click on the eye-rolling photo to see Hannah's own blog.


Stange Family said...

I think you should forbid her from getting any older :)
Our Hannah will be 10 this summer, and she reminds us of it regularly.

Mike and Christie said...

LOL.... We hae been getting some of those soon to be teen looks lately from a young lady who is about to be 12 soon! I told her to slow down. :)

Tonight at a church function, the same soon to be teen was happily helping and vacuuming. Dad came along and took over the job and she said, "Ummm Dad, I do know how to vacuum. ":)