Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Grayson Payne at three days old

Vitali is home alone today with his new baby brother. The other kids are at co-op but Vitali has some nasty, leaking ear infections so he gets some quiet time with us. We laugh all the time at Vitali, whose main goal in life is to be big. Or, at least bigger than someone. Vitali is so proud of his baby brother because Grayson is little, and most importantly, Grayson is littler than Vitali.

Here, Vitali and Grayson are having a little back and forth. Vitali asked me if Grayson was wondering if Vitali's hair was bigger than his. I was sure Grayson noticed. He looks impressed, don't you think?
We're loving this sweet baby boy. We love how chubby he is and how soft his hair is. We love watching him open his eyes and look around. We love feeling him nestle against us all snuggly-like.

But, you know what I don't love? That he is already three days old! Seems like moments ago. I am so aware this time of the quickness of the passage of time. I am trying to soak up every sweet moment I can with him!

I just thought this picture was funny. It's not the best one in the world but I like the comical ones. Makes me wonder what his personality will be!?!


Lynn Falk said...

So glad you are reminding yourself to slow down and enjoy every quick moment as it passes by. So precious are these days - cherish them! I can honestly say I did a good job with that after Lincoln was born. And still, I notice myself holding on to every little thing he does - much more so than with the other two.

Sweet picture of Vitali, it's clear by his expression, that he loves his new brother (or atleast the smallness of his new brother)!

We won't likely meet little Grayson until Easter. He'll be half grown, I fear! Find a way to keep him little for me.

By the way, cute outfit. ;)

Mike and Christie said...

Oh I just love those little baby cheeks. :) He is adorable!

Congratulations to Vitali for no longer being the smallest!

Kari Falk said...

He is adorable! Cute picture of him and Vitali. So funny that he likes having someone smaller than him. Owen always wants to be older than everyone.

phasejumper said...

Congratulations! I wonder who won the pool? B (friend of Kari Falk's)

meleimersemail@yahoo.com said...

No one, Phasejumer! I get to keep my $10. :-)