Sunday, March 6, 2011

Babies are hilarious!

I gave Grayson a bath in the bathroom sink a few days ago. I started with one boy following me in the door, followed by two more obeying my direction not to hang the door open so the baby wouldn't get cold. Then, Hannah squeezed in. Everyone wanted to watch!Hannah left the group as the parade following Grayson and I went into my room so I could get him dressed. What's cuter than a pink, little newborn in his birthday suit?! So, I got him (mostly) dressed and stopped to take a picture or two, wishing I could capture the fresh-from-the-sink-bath-smell. In a moment or two, Grayson turned his head towards the light that was shining through the window and painting a line of brightness onto the hiney end of Daddy, also on the bed.

This turned out to be even more entertaining than the bath. The boys could hardly contain themselves. They all were laughing out loud as soon as one of them pointed out the object of Gray's rapt attention.

As funny as they thought it was to see the baby staring at Daddy's backside, I thought it was pretty entertaining to see them all cracking up over something so ridiculous.



Jane said...

Hahahaha. Cute!!

Beth Laurie said...

Answer: NO. There isn't anything cuter than a naked baby. Claire had a diaper rash the other day so I let her crawl around naked for a bit to air it out. I wished I could do this everyday. Those little bumpies are soooo cute, but then she peed on my floor:(