Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hannah turned 12 this year. Apparently, it was the year for not being compliant with Mom's request for a nice smile for the camera...Also, instead of cake, she requested pumpkin pie. I had to call ahead and give my dad a heads-up so he could get used to the idea--with him being sort of a traditionalist and all...
This picture is sooo unflattering to me! Normally, I wouldn't post a picture of me with double chins but, hey, I have to get a semi-normal picture of Hannah in here somewhere!

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Anonymous said...

One year away from beng a teenager! I can't stand it! How can that be when she was born just a short time ago? I hate to say trite things, but it really is true that time goes by faster the older you are!! I'd like to freeze the whole family at the ages they are right now--well, except Nathan's and Elise's in utero baby!

Mom Falk