Friday, June 8, 2012

I was glad to get these pictures of our family this past week.  Our new living room was empty except for the couch and so I begged cooperation from everybody letting them choose their clothes.  They did a pretty good job though the boys took a couple of tries before they were wearing shirts with no pictures AND no writing (my stipulations).  

But, everyone was looking in most of them even if they weren't always smiling (ahem, Hannah...), no small feat for a family of nine.  Even Grayson got into it; he loved the blinking timer light on the camera and even cried for more when we were done.  (ahem again, certain oldest daughter.)


Mike and Christie said...

Those are wonderful pictures! Lovely family!

Dawn said...

The photos are great!
I think every family has at least ONE who is not thrilled with the photo process.
In our case, we had two.

CrossRiver Media said...

What a great looking group - even with the frowning teen. (Ahem...I have one of those too. ;)