Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Evening in the Mountains

We went for an evening trip into the mountains again the other day.  Steve wanted to drive the Tail of the Dragon again.  Its this famous stretch of curvy road that winds up a mountain and has, like, a bazillion curves in it. Steve is pretty much the only one in the family who likes this.  But he REALLY likes it!
 And it does have some pretty amazing scenic overlooks along the way for those of us who need to stop and let our eardrums and inner-ear workings recalibrate every once in a while.
 We stopped and spent some time swinging on this oft-repaired rope swing.  Ivy and Vitali were the least fearless swinging out without hesitation and dropping neatly into the water.  Ivy's face was swollen from poison ivy but she was so cheerful that we almost forgot about it--except that the swollen face made her look like someone else.  Never did figure out who she looked like!
 Good job, Ivy!

 Steve and his little guy, Grayson.  Gray loves the water but he didn't get to try the rope swing...maybe in a few years, Gray!

Steve's turn on the rope swing!

He looks like Tarzan--except way better looking!
Vitali takes a swing!  
 And now it is Misha's turn!  He did great!
And this is the boy who screamed for his entire first time in a pool.  
I'm so glad we insisted he learn to like swimming!

 We stopped on the way home for a picnic dinner by the water, complete with more swimming.  The sun was setting and it was a pretty beautiful way to end the evening.  My little puffy-faced Ivy asked me to take this picture of her by the water.  She's such a cutie, puffy face and all.

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