Monday, October 8, 2012

Annette was working on homework in one window and Grayson was watching 'Wheels on the Bus' over and over on Youtube.  I guess even he can only watch it so many times without giving out.

Annette with our new kitten, Sherlock. 

Grayson loves animals, horses being one of his favorites. He calls them "Neighs."  Hannah let him 'ride' this horse that is for her American girl dolls.  He played on it all day! 

I just thought this was a comical picture of this hen.

Annette, or "Neh" as he calls her, was Grayson's sibling-of-the-day the other day (His choice) and they had fun playing on the back porch.  She tied a rope to his car and pulled him around for quite a while. He loved it, of course!

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