Friday, October 5, 2007

Ivy Mae

I took some pictures of Ivy the other day when we were visiting my Grandpa.
It was dusk and the lighting was so pretty, I took a whole bunch!

Here are a few of my favorites:

(Or, in the south, some people say "Peety-pie" or something like that.
It means the same a peekaboo but I don't know why they say it that way.)
The Winky-Eyed Smile

The picture above and this one here make me smile because Ivy has this thing she does sometimes when she smiles: She winks one eye shut! We first noticed it when she was not quite one-year-old. The more she smiled, the more she winked and the more she winked, the more we laughed and the more we laughed, the more she smiled....
So funny. ;-)



Nataliya said...

She's sooooo beautiful! And your pictures are very professional!

DoveFamily said...

She is absolutely adorable, and you do such a great job capturing personality in the photos!

Stange Family said...

she's so beautiful!
great pictures!

Melissa said...

Aww! So cute! I love the little things that you see stay with them while they grow :)