Sunday, October 14, 2007

Yard Sale Goodies

The Haul
My mom's subdivision had it's annual yard sale day on Saturday. At our first stop we found a bunch of stuff. I found the table in this picture, something I really have needed. My living room has been practically devoid of places for guests to set their cups for quite some time! I also got a plastic grocery bag full of beads and craft items as well as that netted belt there. In all I found this entire list of items:
  • Four pairs name brands pants for Hannah
  • Four shirts, no stains. One is a pink tie dye shirt that says "Daddy's Girl" in rhinestones on the front. I was going to give it to Hannah but we decided to save it in case one of our adopted kids was a girl who might fit it. Hannah already has a "Daddy's Girl" shirt.
  • Plastic grocery bag of beads
  • two pairs of church shoes for Ivy in great condition; one white, one navy.
  • end table
  • Netted belt
  • flannel night gown for Hannah
  • Children's place skirt.
  • Window scarf (probably ten to twelve feet long)-blue with iridescent purple tones
  • really cute stuffed dog toy. ( I have NEVER bought a stuffed animal EVER ANYWHERE before but he was so cute, I couldn't resist!)
  • One Golden Book-Cookie monster and the Cookie Tree. Do any of you remember this book? I'm not a big fan of Sesame Street stuff as a general rule but I remember having this book as a kid and really loving the idea of a cookie tree!
Anyway, Mary at her blog which she calls Owlhaven has a couple of times held a contest to see who could guess the closest as to how much the stuff cost. I thought it would be fun to do here, too!

So, What's your best guess???? This would be a great time for any of you "lurkers" to join in!


Melissa E. said...

Clicking on the picture will enlarge your view!

By the way, Some of you signed in to blogger and told me that you aren't able to use that account to post comments. This may work for you:
In the space that says 'username', don't write your username! Write your email address. Blogger uses that plus your password to display your actual user name.

So why does it say Username and not email address? I suppose there is some guy in India working for tech support that could tell you...

BethPie said...

I'm so bad at guessing the cost of yard sale finds... but I'll say $24.50. :o)

Nataliya said...

Hmm... I would say $10 :)

I like Children's Place clothes too - they are always very cute and a great quality.

Stange Family said...

hmmm...I'll guess $21

Purple Princess said...


rachel said...

My guess is "$2.99", I mean $15. :)

Dawn said...

20 bux??

Anonymous said...

Dad Falk

Decor4U said...

I enjoy your blog especially your girl and grandpa picture,nice shot!and I guess near but less than20$!Nice to meet you,come and have look at my blog;)I'll be glad to see you there

Nataliya said...

Okay, Melissa, what's the correct answer? Don't keep us in suspense :)

Owlhaven said...