Sunday, February 3, 2008

The birthday bash

Gone are the days of a picture where everyone is looking at the same time and in the same direction! I am just happy to find one where everyone's eyes are open!

My mom made a birthday dinner for me at her house (delicious!) and the kids enjoyed giving me their gifts. Especially Misha, Hannah and Annette who gave me, respectively: a Hairbrush, a kitchen timer, and a plaster Easter bunny figurine. :-)

And now, I am officially 33 years old!


rachel in nyc said...

...not too long ago it was your 12th birthday...*sigh* you, Melissa...Happy Belated B-day, my friend!

Beth said...

Nice hat! I didn't know mom and dad still had the birthday crown.

The Reimer Family said...

I have been viewing your other blog, and came across this one as I was blog-hopping. We are just beginning our adoption journey, and your story has been a blessing to read.

Kelli said...

Happy Birthday! We are almost the same age! You have a beautiful family and it looks like you all had a wonderful time together. Here are some birthday (((hugs))) for you!
P.s. Thank you for entering my giveaway!

Nataliya said...

Happy Birthday and best wishes!!! You look adorable in this crown - like an older sister, not like a mother of 6!

Tami said...

Happy birthday! Glad you had a great birthday...and what wonderful presents! :)