Saturday, March 15, 2008

Spring again

Do I still have anyone out there? I hope so!

Here are some of my little pieces of spring to enjoy!

It was a rainy day here in our neck of the woods.
The daffodils finally ventured out just in time to feel the cold spring showers.

Someone (I am pretty sure I know who...) stepped on this, my only hyacinth, today. I guess we'll see how it fares; it still has a few buds left.

The Bradford pear tree will be stunning soon. I would guess about a week. The blossoms are kind of stinky but the beauty is striking enough to make it worth the smell. And it's nothing that bad, just e x t r e m e l y floral.

My "baby" boy,Vitali, plays with a small, fuzzy, yellow and black caterpillar.
It's the first one we've seen this spring.
He seemed to enjoy it --as long as it didn't try to make a mad dash up his sleeve.

There! It's official. I'm back! I don't know how often I'll be posting and this isn't one of my better ones but it's something! Life is slowly becoming less about adjusting to our new members (and them to us) and increasingly more about our new "normal", whatever that is.

Till later...


Tami said...

Yep! I'm still here. Love the pics!

dr david said...

Beautiful pictures! I'm reading.

Dawn said...

Oh yeah....I'm still here.
Like the new look!
Can you see my header on your PC? My DIL said that no header shows up on hers.

Blog when you can. Everyone understands that you have a FULL plate!

mary said...

What a beautiful family! Wow - we have never adopted 3 at a time!!! Isn't it amazing how God makes precious families? Congratulations on your 6 darlings. We think 6 is a great number! (However, I would LOVE to go to Liberia and adopt 2 more. I just haven't convinced Randy that 8 is a better number :0)

Dawn said...

Thanks, Melissa, for checking on my header...
The photo is one I took last summer of hydrangeas - and Rachel tweaked it with an oil painting filter of some sort.
Love, love, love hydrangeas!

Beth said...

Yeah, we've got a few Bradfor Pears in our yard too and while they are pretty, they are a bit stinky. Ours have little buds on them too. I'm hoping they will bloom on time for Easter, it would make a good photo.

Ciara said...

Hi there
Came across your blog from 'andevenif' & I loved you photos. I love taking photos especially of flowers & nature in general. I'm doing a photography course at the moment that I'm really enjoying so hopefully will put up some pics soome on my blog.

Your kids are so cute & all i can say is wow! adopting 3 all at once. Hats off to you girl!

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Nataliya said...

Melissa, I'm always impressed with your photos! Are you a professional photographer by any chance?

Melissa E. said...

Nataliya, Thank you, but no, I am not a professional. However, it is such a fun hobby! And a practically instant outlet for my artistic yen. Unlike a painting, a photo looks good right away! And we all know what a premium time is in a house with kids!