Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A movie review...

(Imagine a picture of hot,
buttered movie theater
popcorn here.

Hannah and I went out for a girls' night tonight! We had a very nice time. Originally, Annette was going to join us but then was offered the chance for a sleep-over at her very best friend's house and that was an offer I knew she couldn't refuse! I was right!

The reason for the Girls' night was to go and see the movie, Enchanted, in the "dollar" theater. (The dollar theater is really $1.50 now, go figure.) My friend, Marie and her daughter, Rachel went to see it and Marie couldn't say enough nice things about it.

Hannah and I both enjoyed the movie. It is about a cartoon princess (very stereotypical) who "falls" into the real world and all the adventures that follow. Much of what I enjoyed were the subtleties like the way she pranced around everywhere and talked in a very "Fairytale Princess" kind of voice. Hannah and I laughed right out loud at some parts, although Hannah laughed louder and more often than I did. My favorite parts were the following: When she thought the dwarf who got angry with her was Grumpy, the animals all helping her clean the apartment-especially when the pigeon ate the little dancing roach, and the corny musical numbers. And I think it's worth the mention that the actress, Amy somebody, was absolutely amazing at this part. It was so fun to watch her completely pull off the fairy tale part. Even her fingertips moved in a way reminiscent of Snow White or Cinderella!

And Bethany, (my sister) I thought of you often in this one and wished you were there to watch it with us!

All in all it was a very nice movie; definitely worth the $3 plus popcorn and drink and smuggled candy! Especially since it was a nice night out with my eldest, who is getting more and more "elder" all the time. She loved the special attention and pretty much glowed all evening.

I am starting to notice that the more children you have, the more quickly time slips by; despite the fact that some days seem to drag on into eternity! I feel like they are on fast forward sometimes. I know, I know: all moms say that!


Nataliya said...

Oh, how exciting to have a girls-out night! I haven't seen the Enchanted yet, but I'll definitely take the girls to see it. Especially because my favorite actor from Grey's Anatomy has a leading role :)

Beth said...

I haven't seen the movie but thought it looked cute. Now I'll have to go see it. What about the movie made you think of me? I wish I could have been there for your "girls night out" too. It would have been fun.

Stange Family said...

I, too, find that time slips by too quickly. Sometimes I stop and lament to myself that I spend all day with the kids and yet I feel as if I haven't truly spent time with any one of them. The collective "kids" overshadows each child, it seems.
I'm glad you had a good time with just Hannah. Although all experiences lead to a well-raised child, the individual things are what they will specifically remember.
Sorry for the excessively long comment...

Melissa E. said...

I love excessively long comments! Don't apologize; I think you should get and award!

Melissa E. said...

...that is "an award".

Mandie said...

Someone in my Moms of Preschoolers group last week said that as a mom of toddlers, days are long, but years are short. So true!