Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Anybody else willing to admit to being bummed at this election, even though it is not the "spiritually correct" reaction?

...or maybe it is.


Warren said...

Yep, the party of big government won...

...beating out the other party of big government.

Tami said...

I'll admit it. I'm having a hard time being 'spiritual' about what happened yesterday. My 'old self' is raising her ugly head quite a bit. Sigh.

anne said...

I'll be honest, those of us who are really excited about it feel like we're not supposed to be....but we still are. And that is just as ok as not feeling good about it! :)

Melissa E. said...

Yeah, Warren, I hear ya. But big government takes many forms. I'm more scared of socialism than a depression.

That said, none of that lends to my bummed-ness.

Even losing free speech through Hate speech laws, or having the right to bear arms severely restricted doesn't worry me as much.

I was concerned for the unborn already. Now, not only is it worse for them, the just-barely-survived-the-womb children are in serious peril as well.


Tricia said...

Bummed...but not without hope. God is still in control so I am relying on that! Thanks for the thoughts though.

Tricia :)

DoveFamily said...

I am disappointed, I admit it. But I know that no matter who sits in that Oval Office, our God is still sitting on His throne! So now we should lift up our new leader in prayer, and pray for our country and all the other leaders as well.

BethPie said...

My biggest concern has always been the sanctity of life issue. Protecting human life in its most vulnerable form, to me, is the only foundation upon which we can build true liberty and justice. Obama said that defining when life begins is "above his pay grade" but also told Planned Parenthood that "the first thing he would do is sign the freedom of choice act." Frightening.

I believe that our rights (free speech, bearing arms, homeschooling and religious freedoms) might slowly & systematically be chipped away. But God's ways are not our ways and oppression generally leads to revival. I know that, ultimately, He will be glorified.

It is disappointing, though, to know that so many in our country fell for the hype of "change."

Incidentally, Huckabee is preaching at our church in December and I couldn't be more excited! ;o)

Mike and Christie said...

I am looking forward to 8 years from now. I say 8, because it is my guess that Obama will win next time too. He is much too good of an Orator to not.

I have numerous concerns including sanctity of life issues, but I also have concerns about his education policies. He has stated that he is not a pro-homeschooling person.

We are most likely going to be facing new restrictions in the future.

We began homeschooling when it was not popular, and we have continued while it was. Now, it appears that we may face a backlash of those who disapprove. I have met some very outspoken people as of late regarding home education, and get the feeling that we are not too far away from it becoming Unlawful once again. :(

On a positive note, I was amazed at the amount of people including Condoleeza Rice, Colin Powell and even President Bush who were shocked that a black man would make it into the white house. I was not shocked, as secretly I had hoped for Colin Powell to run. BUT.... it was cool to see the faces of excitement of those who had felt there was no hope that somebody that looked like them would be president. If this presidency does anything, I hope that it brings an end to bigotry and racism on BOTH sides of the fence.

Amy said...

Yep - I'm bummed too! I know that they say that every vote counts... so why don't they make it that way and get rid of the really dumb electrol college stuff??? UGH.. I guess someone in government had to make it up!


Anyways - I guess that all we can do is move forward and protect our families the best way we can!

Take care!

denjer said...

My granddaughter asked me if I was voting for Barak Obama. I told her no and explained that he believes in abortion and I don't. Then I had to explain what abortion was. She is only five so I did it gently and told her that he believes that if a woman wants to end her pregnancy that it is alright but the baby won't live if she does. Sicily heard that Obama kills babies. Oh what a firestorm that caused. BUT the truth of the matter is that abortion truly does kill babies. I don't care what color a man's skin is...killing babies is wrong in any color. I am fearful but thank those in this post that reminded me that God is still in control.

Kathy and Matt said...

Yes, we were bummed.
My biggest problem with Obama is his view on abortion. I'm also concerned about what's taking place regarding the definition of marriage and what actions he may take regarding that issue. And of course the economy, but that's a mess for which neither candidate had a solid solution.

Thankfully as others have said, we know that God is ultimately in control. And we can all pray for Obama as our soon-to-be President.