Monday, November 3, 2008

Fun weekend

We never trick or treated when I was growing up. I used to think that people who did were devil worshipers or something! Even though this is true for some people, somewhere along the way I have changed my mind. Yes, I know about the pagan roots of the day and all but other holidays we celebrate have very pagan roots and Christians have taken them over! I like the victory in that and am proud of it. Now, I don't pretend to make Halloween into a Christian holiday but I do recognize that it has been "secularized" into pretty much a celebration of candy and costumes for much of the general public. Us included.

I don't blame or look down on those who don't celebrate it. Of course not! I can see both sides quite well. But really, for us, I see it as a kind of statement we make by celebrating it without the ghoulish parts.

Anyway, I go on and on sometimes...

We took the kids to trick or treat with some friends on Friday and on Saturday our church had it's annual Fall Festival which the kids all love. It was the first year for the boys and they were in awe!

Enjoy a few of my favorite pictures--in all mixed up order:
Hannah, Max, Misha, Annette, Vitali and Ivy

We split up at the church. Annette loved being biggest kid with Ivy and Vitali.

Vitali bragged about this one to the other boys. This policeman let him talk into his radio.


Having a good time!


"Police mam" That's how Misha says it.

Soldott. or in English, "Soldier" Vitali

What else would Ivy be?

Spider Max!


Kathy and Matt said...

Great photos! Looks like everyone had a blast.

Mike and Christie said...

Wow, what great costumes! Did you do Max's face?

Maggy_Keet said...

Cute! They look so happy : ) I love all of their costumes. What is Hannah?

Melissa E. said...

A spa girl. She was a biker chick the next day at the church function.

...and yes! I did do max's face. And it turns out that the red face paint needed some extra attention and some time to wear off!

Stange Family said...

they are so cute! I love Annette going down the slide!

Stange Family said...

they are so cute! I love Annette going down the slide!

Kari said...

The kids all look great! I love the hair in the slide picture too! Looks like the boys enjoyed their first Halloween.

Anonymous said...

LOL I grew up thinking the same thing about Halloween.

Nataliya said...

The cutest kids ever!!! Happy Halloween!

Drew, Michelle, Luke and Tetyana said...

You did some expert face painting!!

They all look adorable!

Amy said...

So cute!
Love little Princess Ivy! She is such a doll!

rachel said...

Ooo...the details of Max and Annette's faces...:oD