Thursday, March 26, 2009

School in the great (springtime) outdoors...

We've been reading about Abraham Lincoln lately. The kids like these little chapter books I have found in our library and I try and read two chapters each day. I say, "try" because they often say, "Read one more, PLEEASE?!"

Yesterday we did our reading under the apple tree in our front yard with petals floating down around us. AAAHHH.....spring!

And, on that note: today it is pouring. Ah, spring.


Mike and Christie said...

We arrived on Abraham Lincoln today too! Abeka history 4th grade:
Starting the Civil War.

Becky Dow said...

What books are you reading? Hannah is absolutely loving anything historic right now and especially loves to read. I'd like to look for the same books here!

Melissa E. said...

Becky, They are quite old books. We read one about the pilgrims at Thanksgiving time and now Abraham Lincoln. I have found that taking what they are already interested in and expanding on that is an especially effective method.

The book we just finished (today!) is called Meet Abraham Lincoln
By Barbara Cary. published by random house. 1965.

Mandie said...

That looks like such fun!

Your hair clip reminds me of one of those brown & black fuzzy caterpillars. I clicked on to look at up close to see what it REALLY looked like. Maybe my computer screen is too small or my eyesight needs help! haha.