Saturday, April 4, 2009

Moving diary. #1

We have decided to move to a new house. I thought I might keep a short daily diary of our process here. I am hoping some of you will give me hints that will help if not do the packing for me....

Days 1-yesterday(I am going to call today 'Day three' since it's close but I don't know what day we decided to start packing up.)

We didn't do much packing at first. Mostly, I have been walking around in a daze looking at all that must be done. Yuck!

Steve has re-built the back porch and the front steps. Well, at least just the top boards that were weathered.

Yesterday, I packed the kids' books. And I sorted them out. I think I culled a third of them. So, that is a good thing.

Also, yesterday, I started sorting our closet and then Steve joined me in the evening. WHEW! That was a big job! Too Much Stuff!!!!!

We also thinned out our clothes to make the closet look nicer and packed up out of season things that we won't need till next year but that we usually leave there year-round. It really looks nice! Now I see that we will need to slap a coat of paint in there thanks to shoes banging against the walls.

I got rid of a bunch of things there, too. Not as much as I should have probably, though.

I should mention that even though we have a house picked out, we changed our moving plans slightly with the intent of selling this house before buying that one. Yes, it is a bit risky, but so is a bigger mortgage....


Mike and Christie said...

Oh boy ya'll. I despise moving! That is the H word with a D. :)

BUT... you have inspired me to thin things out around here . We too, have too much stuff!

Beth Laurie said...

I love the idea of moving to a new house, so exciting!....but i hate the packing part:( I've done my share of moving but so far it's just been apartments and I've hated it, I hate to imagine packing up a whole house of stuff.