Monday, September 7, 2009

Family reunion

We had a Falk family reunion this weekend. This included 27 of us to feed and one of us eating for two (not me!). Mom sent us all home stuffed!

We played a little of the new clue game. It is really quite fun. And Beth brought this game, Fill or Bust. We played it and had a good time.
John and Jude kept score while I practiced my stylish rolling of the dice. I am not sure I am ready for Vegas....
Jude switched jobs and started helping his mommy throw the dice.
Daniel working on a good dice roll.
Evan, who won so soundly I am suspicious that he must have cheated...

Ethan enjoyed his fried ice cream from Aunt Beth while second-in-line Isaac drooled nearby.

John, Beth and Jude came to our house for a bit before they left for home and Jude met our temporary pet turtle while his dad, mom and Uncle Steve did some shooting in the yard.
Moving turtle freaked him out a bit. Closed up turtle made him alternately hungry and quarterback-like.
The front steps were a fun place to play!

Before they left, Jude got to go and see the little chickies in the back yard. He really enjoyed them. From a distance, that is. A good, safe distance. Because you can never be too careful around peeping baby chicks.


Dawn said...

Fabulous family foto...
(couldn't resist that)

I can't imagine our entire family ever being together all at the same time.

Happy for you all...

Dawn said...

one more thing.
I like the new blog skin!!

Anonymous said...

Make that fabulous Falk family foto!

:) heather

Beth Laurie said...

I'm surprised Jude even touched the turtle at all. I'm not surprised he wouldn't touch the baby chicks. He is so afraid animals. Except Ruby that is. He actually did pet Houdini a little. Apparently, Houdini is less scary than the kittens at the pet store. He was a pretty nice cat. We need to borrow him for our mice problem :(

rachel said...

Ditto on my mother's comments...:oD
Hmmm, I'm checking out your belt and shoes of bling...Haha! Love you. :oD

Melissa E. said...

Rachel, these southern girls dress up! I've gotta keep up a little! I had a flashy necklace too. :-) Still never pierced my ears, though.