Saturday, November 21, 2009

Finally! Pictures of THE CHAIR.

Any of you who follow me on Facebook may remember me working diligently on reupholstering an overstuffed chair recently. The chair was given to me as an adoption-fundraiser-yard-sale-leftover from our friends, Dominic and Tiffany Moro a couple of months back. My good friend from long ago and still into the present, Heather, helped me, well, more like directed me in a hands-on kind of way. I couldn't have done it without her help! Really!

Also, it was fun getting to spend so much time with her this visit. She was able to come almost every day of her ten-day visit (She and her mother stayed at my mom's house). Each time we slaved over this chair. Several times we enjoyed cappuccinos first, or as Steve calls them, Redneckachinos, because they come from the gas station machine.

I remembered to take a before picture. This is a major accomplishment. (sound of me patting myself on the back).A few during pictures to tell the story:
I bought a pair of fabric scissors. I thought this was funny, I actually needed scissors to get at them! I didn't end up using my scissors anyway because Heather brought hers and they cut like a hot knife through BUTTER.

We tore that chair apart, limb from limb. We made a mess. Actually, I think I will blame Heather for the mess. Heather made a mess. There.

Paused to admire the fact that Annette could fit a whole, live chicken into that little box. And the chicken loved it! Or so she said.

Heather finally made some excuse about having to go home. And try as we might, and hammering furniture tacks until the last moment, we didn't quite finish. This left me with the back to put on, a few more tacks to tap in, and the legs to refinish. None of these things took long but it did seem to take me forever to get to each individual task!

Finally I finished the tacking, then the back, and lastly, those pesky legs! I used a gel stain so that I wouldn't have to strip the wood first. It worked well and I am pleased with the results!Here is the leg. In this picture you will enjoy the I Spy game of finding two popcorn kernels and one white chicken feather. You will not, however, see the vacuum cleaner.

The finished product!! Oh! and in this picture, more I Spy! There is a My Little Pony toy hiding under the curtains! Oops. Now I told you. Sorry....

Nobody is allowed to sit in the chair. Ever. Heather said so. So don't tell her that I let Ivy sit there today while I took a million pictures of her because she has a dress that matches the chair and I just love matchy things.

Also, she's such a cutie. Ivy, that is. Heather's okay too.

Thank you so much Heather! I sit on the couch and look at my chair while I drink my coffee in the mornings. I'd sit in the chair, it does look comfy, but I might spill and besides, you said not to. Sigh..... :-)


Stange Family said...

it's beautiful AND looks like it was a lot of fun. A project with a friend is always such an enjoyable task, isn't it?
And, I love the pictures of Ivy in the chair.

Mike and Christie said...

What a great looking chair!
But that cute little bundle IN the chair is just oh so cuddly and adorable. :)

Anonymous said...

Good job finishing up! Next time I'll have to stay 11 days... What's our next project?

Ivy has permission to sit in it every time she wears that dress - too cute!

Remember to post the picture of you sitting in it on Christmas morning!


Melissa E. said...

Heather, You betcha!

kari said...

Looks good! Ivy is adorable!

Beth Laurie said...

Well, I have a chair here that I need to do so maybe you should come out some weekend and help me with it since you have all the experience and all :)

Melissa E. said...

What kind of chair, beth? This one took us 10 days, you know!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but now we are that much more experienced!