Monday, November 30, 2009

Good Morning!

One of the big thrills each day around our house is playing with the animals. The Animals being 23 chickens and one very tolerant cat. Little Ivy has a favorite chicken and everyone agrees that Whitey is "Ivy's Chicken".
Good morning, Ivy! Good morning Whitey!

Houdini is our former kitten. Now he is officially a CAT. He has the prestigious title around here as being the most tolerant cat in the world.

See? He didn't complain one bit about this. In fact, he never stopped purring!
Steve says his purrer is just broken.

Another Chicken. Angel or Pinky, I can't tell.

Ivy loves all the chickens.

And we all look out for this one in particular. Pinocchio, with no top beak is even allowed in the back door. There she happily shovels her food while standing in the green bucket designated for that purpose. When she is done, she hops out of the bucket and looks out the back door until someone opens it. Here, Annette is feeding her grass which Pinocchio sucks down like spaghetti if we stick one end in under her nose.

We are weird. But we enjoy our weirdness.


Stange Family said...

I enjoyed the story and the pictures, but that last line is my favorite! :)

Anonymous said...
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