Thursday, June 24, 2010

A berzillian photos crammed into one non-chronological post.

We recently spent a week in New York visiting Steve's
family and attending my good friend Heather's wedding.
(It was about time! But he was worth the wait!)

I took pictures but pretty much none of the wedding because I was so excited for Heather that I lost my mind entirely. That is my story. Extreme mental togetherness broken by periods of absolutely mindless lapses in thought.
Fortunately for Heather, other people remembered to take pictures and Heather will certainly post them somewhere where I can steal some. Right, Heather?

If you are a lover of all things chronological, and especially if you are obsessive about order of events and all, QUICK! click that little X up in the corner. What is about to unfold will scar you for life. (Yes, Dad, I am talking to you!)

For the rest of you...

Steve and his sister Laurie and Laurie's humongous but very nice dogs, Doug and Marley on the beach at Lake Erie.

All of us walking onto the beach at Lake Erie.

At the Creek. Laurie and I. And the dogs, naturally.


Annette and a dead fish.

The one and only picture I got from Heather's wedding! (and Heather isn't even in it!)

Hayseed Max in his new cowboy hat.

Ivy with a puppy. But not the last picture of Ivy and that puppy you will have the pleasure of enjoying. She loved those puppies!! Grandma had eight of them there.
Ivy preferred the girl ones, though.

All the kids in Canadaway Creek

Vitali wishes he had been adopted by Rog instead. Rog has this truck.

Ivy and a puppy. On her head. Where else would she put a puppy?

Hannah obsessively and in all her glory worked on renovating the old tree house in Grandma and Grandpa's front yard. Bekah helped. Aunt Laurie helped, too. I don't know if there were other helpers. I just know Hannah was soooo excited to play in it!

One of several creatures that Josh found and showed to my camera. Alas, it is the only one my camera focused on. I think I had the camera stuck in puppy mode.

Max, who loves animals; Aunt Laurie, owner of an animal; and Misha, pretender-of-loving-animals-so-people-will-be-impressed. All at Canadaway Creek.

What?! Another puppy picture?!! How'd that get in here?

Josh. I actually said to him while he was sitting there because he had hurt his toe, "Josh, pretend for a second that your toe doesn't hurt and give me a smile." He did. Then he forgot to resume complaining.

You thought this was a picture of Laurie, didn't you? Nope, it's me.
Right there in her glasses. Twice.
I am so clever.

Laurie can tell you this dog's name. So could I, until he got wet. I think that it's Doug. But don't bet your bottom dollar on that or anything.

The three oldest girls, Hannah, Selena and Bekah.

The end.


Anonymous said...

How fun! To bad you were not there when we will be there. ~Bonita

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, chronological or not. Grandma Eimers' home is a child's dream--lots of love and lots of animals! What fun!

Grandma Falk

Mike and Christie said...

Beautiful pictures. So when are you getting a puppy? :)