Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Family pictures in the snow!

All of the family. Steve is smiling and I am trying not to look like I had just been running back to my spot from setting the camera timer. Just as we were finishing these pictures, I remembered, AH! My mom and Dad gave me a camera remote for Christmas! Well, next time...

Ivy, inside, peeking out. Guess she got cold.

Vitali, always cold, plays anyway. Favorite snow activity?
Standing on piled up snow to be 'bigger' than anyone. (and I do mean anyone! Someone? PLEEEASE!)

The lovely Annette.

Misha, looking jovial.

Max, pausing in the midst of shoveling our quite long driveway. He worked tirelessly on that driveway. We really appreciated that later in the day! Steve and the other boys helped, but Max didn't stop till it was all done.

Hannah was mostly glad because the snow gave her a chance to wear the new
coat her friend Rachel gave her. I love the fur around the hood. So does she.

Now, let me back in the house so I can warm up!


Kari Falk said...

Great pictures of all the kids, Melissa.

Lynn Falk said...

They're growing up! Great family picture. Hard to believe your family has been that large for 3 years now!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures of everyone! You really captured their personalities as well. The snow is beautiful. It stayed around so long this time which was great for the kids. it makes for a wonderful background for pictures, doesn't it!