Friday, April 8, 2011

Cute Chick.

Baby bathrobes are so impractical but
I couldn't resist wrapping little Gray up in his.

Impractical? yes.
Adorable? Yes, and yes again.


Beth Laurie said...

I can honestly say that he is the cutest little chick I've ever seen:)

Lynn Falk said...

Lincoln had a cute shirt he wore at Easter time that said, "Chicks Dig Me." This reminded me of it. He's such a cutie!

kari falk said...

He is a very cute chick. Owen had a cute frog bathrobe. I put it on him once for a picture. I think I got rid of it before Alex.

Grandma Falk said...

Usually with the first baby all of those impractical things seem so cute--and so necessary! After that, we wise up and realize how seldom, if ever, they will be used. But they DO help to create great pictures! And this is certainly proof of that! Grayson doesn't need a cute baby robe to make him any cuter, but it surely does make me smile!