Thursday, April 14, 2011

More pictures of Gray. Yes. MORE.

Everything stops when this little guy gets to cooing at us.
Well, everything except my camera, that is...

sweet mouth.

tiny toes.
The end.
I just can't get enough of this little guy.
Apparently, he can get enough of me!
Or, at least of me behind a camera.


Dawn said...

The second one is PERFECT!!!
Adore these shots, Melissa!
Have one of your littles give him a smooch from this old mimi.

Beth Laurie said...

Well, you need a lot of pics when they're this little. They grow and change so fast, you have to keep updated shots.

karifalk said...

Love boys in overalls and tiny little toes! Soon will get to see the real thing.

Lynn Falk said...

I see Ivy in one expression, Annette in another and Steve in ALL of them! :)

Great pictures is a sweet little guy!

Mike and Christie said...

He is so adorable..... and he has a lusty little cry! He looks like he really gets into it! LOL

Beth Laurie said...

I think he looks a lot like Annette and Steve now. He is definitely an Eimers.