Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Also in May, Steve went and bought the canoe he'd been thinking about for some time. He did some other errands and when he got home, he stepped out of the car and walked in, forgetting temporarily the huge excitement potential he had strapped to the roof of his car. Misha, who had gone with him came in and found his brothers and spread the word instead.

A stir of disbelief and a rustle of kids moving out the door to check the veracity of Misha's report and then whoops of joy from the driveway followed! Vitali, who had recently mentioned to me that when he was big he wanted a speed boat, came bouncing back into the house, and while practically climbing up me with excitement he asked, "MOMMY! Did you KNOW my dream would come TRUE?!!" Apparently the 'speed' part of his 'speed boat' wish was optional! haha!
We went in two cars to the lake. Since the canoe only holds 4 passengers, Steve took the first wave of riders while I went and got pizza to eat by the water. When we arrived at the lake, the first crew was pulling the boat onto shore, ready to eat!
Grayson played on a blanket, practicing his rolling and gumming his toys. He also never lacked for a brother or sister to pounce on him with kisses.The boys showed my camera their muscles. Here is Max:I was trying to get Misha to show me his muscles but he wasn't really flexing. All of a sudden, Vitali hopped into my view and shouted, "LIKE THIS, MISHA!"
Silly kid!
But Misha got the idea:
All the kids had a good time. Mom and Dad, too!

In the end we enjoyed this beautiful sunset as we drove away:

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