Sunday, August 7, 2011


It's been a while! I thought I'd begin catching you up with a few pictures of Gray from this past June having fun hangin' out with his Family --something he truly loves to do! He's 4 months old in these photos.

Since we've been to the beach he has learned to sit up by himself although he's still wobbly enough that we keep a steadying hand nearby. Or, we just squoosh him into the lineup of kiddos for some siblings-on-the-couch-with-books time like this:
I'm lovin' those little feet!

Snugglin' with Mama.

Hangin' out with Great Grandpa. Gray likes to watch TV with Grandpa. Most babies seem to get on Grandpa's lap and fall straight to sleep (It's Grandpa's special baby-holding secret talent!). Not Gray. He can sit there and enjoy an entire episode of The Virginian, smiling along with Grandpa and looking very proud of himself.
Look at the hands. Precious.


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Dawn said...

Love that photo of the hands.

Kathy F. said...

Oh my! That's what I said out loud when I saw little Gray's hand on his great grandpa's. It is sweet to see the two of them so content together.