Monday, April 9, 2007

Easter Sunday Cousins

Well, Simon was hungry and much too busy to sit for pictures and Ivy took this moment to ponder some of the deeper things of life. Annette is watching the babies and so is Isaac, but Ethan and Hannah are posing perfectly. Hannah is just so proud to get to hold little Owen it wasn't hard to get her to smile!

Seven little Grandchildren in a row and aren't they cute!? I just love pictures like these where there is so much personality to the photo!


Andrea said...

Sooo cute! Whose children are Simon, Isaac, Ethan, and Owen?
Happy Easter.

Melissa E. said...

Simon is my Brother Nathan's First child. Isaac is the little brother to Ethan who is pretty obviously Warren's boy! Owen is Daniel's little one and is only four months old. I account for all the girl grandchildren so far!

Kari Falk said...

It is tough to take a picture with 7 kids in it. Dan was upset because he didn't get one at all. By the time he was ready, Simon had escaped. They all looked so cute in their Easter outfits.