Monday, April 2, 2007

Hand-Painted Greeting Cards

As most of you know we are well into our process of adopting three children from the country of Ukraine. We are all at the same time so excited and scared and filled with the anticipation of meeting these children that we have never met yet love so deeply!

The adoption process itself is very costly and we have a whole lot of money to raise. One thing we are doing to make a bit on the side is to sell these greeting cards that I have hand-painted.

We are selling them in groups of six (assorted or all one design). If you are interested, please follow this link to our website that we have set up to chronicle our adoption process. The pricing lists are on our fundraising page and you can purchase them right there with a credit card.

The cards are blank inside and I have posted a few more designs on the website there.


Beth said...

These are really nice Melissa. I may have to buy some from you when I come for Easter.

Andrea said...

You have always been such a good artist. The cards are beautiful!