Monday, June 11, 2007

We saw this bumper sticker on the way home. It reads "Love your enemies and you won't have any." I'm sorry if this steps on your toes but that is just silly! It sure sounds nice but the sad thing is that people are dying because of mindless glop like this. Now, don't get me wrong--I definitely believe in loving your enemies. I just am not so naieve that I could for one second believe that that would make them want to stop being my enemy!

Jesus loved us so much that he was willing to die--and he did--at the hand of his enemies. In fact, he even said that we are to love our enemies. Anyone can love a friend but it takes something special to love an enemy. This is certainly what he did; but it did not change the fact that he had enemies. Still does.

Don't people think things through? Just because a thing makes a nice, pat saying doesn't mean it's true! Oh well...

Off my soapbox now!

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