Monday, June 11, 2007

Nothing like a day on the boat to tucker a little girl out!
Notice that Ivy is sucking her finger. She is two years old and just now has decided to take up finger sucking. She's already developing the callous. She spent a few days sucking her thumb and now has settled on the finger. How strange. I guess she saw kids in her Sunday school class doing it and figured it was worth a try!


Anonymous said...

What a sweet picture of little Ivy. This reminds me of Isaac. (only he sucks his thumb) She's holding her pink "blankie" which is just like Isaac's blue one that he has to have.

It is funny that she just starting sucking her finger. I think Dan starting sucking his thumb at age two, didn't he?


Melissa E. said...

Yes I think that's right--and mom blames it on Tricia Osborn! Poor Tricia, all grown up and married and yet she is immortalized in the Falk family as a thumb-sucking-two-year-old-bad-example!