Friday, July 6, 2007

19 of us in all...

My Dad

My mom and Angela

Caroline and Lillian

Jane Francis and her mother, Angela, behind her.

The elusive Rachel



This picture is of Dayakar and his son Neil. Neil is almost exactly one year older than Ivy but they love to play together! She calls him "Neew!" (with the exclamation point). Besides Evan, Neil was the only other boy at the party.

playing at the pool

This is Evan with his weapons hiding from the attacks of all the other kids who had ganged up on him for a water balloon fight. That is, until Neil joined the boy team, making it now the boys team.


We set up some posts in the front yard for a temporary horseshoe pit. These pictures show Steve and Joe playing and Grandpa Anderson watching but Grandpa had already played and soundly beat Dayakar--no surprise since Grandpa is practically unbeatable--or lucky, as he calls it.
By the way I asked Steve who won his game with Joe. Apparently, Joe won but even though they were supposed to play to 21, they gave up and Joe beat Steve-one to nothing!

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