Monday, July 23, 2007

The Buffalo, NY Zoo!

Hannah, Bekah, Annette, Ivy, and Josh at the front gate of the Buffalo Zoo.
Steve and I bought a membership there last year because the cost of their membership was the same as the cost of one visit to our zoo and through the zoo-share plan, Buffalo zoo members can get in free to the Knoxville zoo! Anyway, even though we are members, we had never been there. We dug out our two free guest passes and so Laurie and Bekah were free and Josh was only $5! Cheap fun. My favorite kind!

Bekah, Hannah, Ivy and Annette on a park bench at the Buffalo Zoo. Josh was in this picture too but he jumped up right before I took the picture. I spent a lot of time trying to get a decent shot of him! All boy!
Josh is Bekah's little brother. He finally posed for me with his snake.

Me with my little Iv'.

Steve and the kids watching the river otters.

Ivy hurt her finger and Aunt Laurie picked her up. Poor Ivy.
Aside from that, we all had a good time at the Zoo. It is well laid out for viewing the animals.

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Leslie said...

Yeah! You're back! What a great trip this sounds like! And you took such incredible pictures, just beautiful.