Monday, July 23, 2007

The Sherman NY Auction

On our way out of NY, we went first to the Sherman Auction with Steve's mom. She loves this kind of thing and thouroughly enjoyed showing the girls around. I tucked a sleeping Ivy into a hotel bed that night and when I went to put a diaper on her, I could see a line of dirt, or rather, a small patch of clean where her undies had been. The girls had so much fun soaking up all the fun and dust that they could!
The baby calves would suck your hand if you let them. They were still really little, no teeth yet. That little Amish boy stood there and watched us the whole time.

Annette has quite a bit of Grandma Eimers' blood in her it is apparent! The goat she is holding still had its umbillical cord.

Hannah and Bekah loved this pony. There was another pony there which had a little foal with it too. So adorable!

It was such a beautiful day. So scenic. A lot of Amish there.
This was a very restful vacation. We were able to have fun, sleep in and nap at will. Unusual for us! We didn't come home sleepy at all like we usually do! The girls were exhausted though! They didn't want to waste one minute of playtime on sleeping in, for goodness sakes!

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