Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Some pictures

Four smiles, a non-smile and an almost frown. Still, it was a good use of the long grass in our front yard that will hopefully be gone after our mower gets out of the shop this (fingers crossed) Friday.
Aren't they a couple of cuties?

Another good use of a non-mowed lawn. Aren't they adorable? It only took me 40 pictures to get one where everyone was looking and smiling!

This one is from a couple of weeks ago. Mom stopped by in the evening as the kids were getting to bed. she read them one of our favorite books: Ira Sleeps Over. By the way, See how Ivy sucks her finger? Now look at Vitali. He is not itching his nose, that's his little comfort thing, he sticks his finger or all his fingers against his nostril and breathes past them. weird, isn't it?


Lynn said...

Very cute pictures! I love grass pictures. I'm impressed it only took 40 pictures to get all looking and smiling! I feel like it takes me atleast that many then I just give up...and I only have three kids. Ivy and Vitali are too cute together.

Ethan and Isaac like "Ira Sleeps Over." That is one they usually request when they go to Grandma's house.

anne said...

Gorgeous pics! :)

They are cute together...and really look a lot alike as well!

Nataliya said...

Melissa, I told you before, and I'm telling you again - your pictures are professional quality. You should definitely start your business when the kids are older!

Your kids are the most adorable and gorgeous! All 6 of them without exception!

Your Mom looks very young to be a Grandma! What a blessing to be young and have grandchildren! Technically I could be a Grandma soon - my son is now the same age I was when I got married, but he promised me not to get married for a while yet :) My Mom became Grandma at 42, and my Grandma at 38!

I guess I need to go to the library and borrow "Ira sleeps over" - sounds like a great book!

Beth said...

Ira Sleeps Over! that was my favorite book growing up.

John does something very similar to what Vitali does only he presses the knuckles of his index and middle finger to his nostrils. I see him do it often, I don't know why though.

Mariahs Mom said...

Hey Melissa,
This is Tricia Knapp (Osborn). I came across your website and just wanted to say hey. I am so excited about the adoption going well. You are a real inspiration to me. Talk to you soon

Tricia :)

BethPie said...

Precious pictures (as always)!

Beth said...

Max is wearing his shorts like an old man:) I can't even see his belly button.

Melissa E. said...

Yes, we are working on that.

Steve is trying to teach him to say, "Party of the year, Carl; Party of the year!"

I am trying to teach him that in America, we like to see our belly buttons at least an inch or two below our belly buttons!

Christine said...

Melissa, these pictures are just beautiful!

Beth Laurie said...

LOL! Is he the only one that does that or do all three wear them high?

Melissa E. said...

Mostly, just him!

The Reimer Family said...

They are just precious! And how wonderful to have your mom so close that she can stop in for story time :).

mary said...

As a fellow "6 children" homeschooling mom, I am very impressed that you are able to take so many wonderful pictures of your precious ones! God is so good - He has blessed both of us through adoption.