Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Vitali is four, and More... (hey! that rhymes!)

Look at those cheeks! I just love kissing them! I can't believe he is already four! It seems like he's only been here for a month or two!! {Wink, Wink!}

This boy was soooo excited about his birthday; I can't possibly express it to you! He was singing and talking and springing non-stop all day long!
It took him quite a few tries to get those four fingers all standing up like that! See that smile? It was there all day! In fact, I took this picture right before I put him to bed. It only disappeared when he finally fell asleep! I have more pictures on our adoption blog.
For his birthday, Vitali got a huge Tonka dump truck from my mom and dad. I need to post a picture of him riding it down the driveway. He does it in such a funny way, sitting behind the raised bed of the truck! Anyway, today he left the driveway and tried the steeper hill beside it. This turned out to be a bad idea as this hill was bumpy and even my skinny little boy was top-heavy going down.

Here you can see what he looked like at the bottom of the hill! (Actually, here, he is back at the top again. At the bottom, he had too many tears for picture taking! Poor little guy!) I am wondering what this will look like in the morning?!
I love Ivy's long hair. At barely three years old, it was so long before I trimmed off three inches that It could easily get tucked into the waistband of her pants! It never seems to tangle much and is always so pretty and shiny. The last few days she has pretty steadily been a "bannerina" and has been asking me to put it in a "bundle" or, to us, simply a bun.

We were taking Steve to the dentist today so she had to put on "real" clothes and Vitali took his spill while I was freshening up her "bundle" so I got these pictures of her spinning and playing on this absolutely gorgeous spring day!
Can you see all the petals on the ground that have been picturesquely floating from the trees with every breeze? Mmmmm... I love spring!

And also, would you like to see what we had for dinner tonight? Mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans and chicken nuggets....Look good? Keep reading!

  • The mashed potatoes? Vanilla ice cream! The "gravy" is caramel sauce.
  • Those nuggets are actually toasted coconut covered marshmallows snipped in half and pressed a bit to make them slightly less marshmallow-y
  • And the green beans are not the peas and carrots candy I was hoping to find, but they are a sort of junk food since they are green bean chips. Meaning that they are crispy and salted and yet somehow still look exactly like normal green beans!
Hannah said she thinks that this was the least healthy dinner she had ever had!
I should hope so!
Happy April Fool's Day, everyone!


Beth said...

Now those are my kind of mashed potatoes:)

Stange Family said...

Your post made me smile from beginning to end...from cute Vitali to beautiful Ivy to your silly dinner...thanks for the smiles! :)

Nataliya said...

Yes, you sure fooled me with your dinner! Looks very authentic!

Ivy's hair is gorgeous!She's such a cute "Bannerina"!

Happy Birthday, Vitali!

anne said...

I love Ivy's hair! Looks like she has your lovely locks.

Nothing better than ice cream for dinner...mmm. :)

Dawn said...

Happy Happy to Vitali...

Lovin' those mashies...

anne said...

Actually, I'm just a lurker... :) But it's been fun following your adventure!

Tami said...

Mmm-mmm. Looks good to me! :) Happy Birthday Vitali!!!

mary said...

What a precious, precious family! As the mother of 3 adopted darlin's, I just love to read about other families who have been blessed in the same way. You have had a lot of bithdays in the past couple of weeks! Our birthday marathon will begin in June and last until September. Have a blessed week!

Leslie said...

You're such a fun mom, Melissa!

Christine said...

What a great post! You faked me out!