Monday, June 23, 2008

A few random photos

Ivy and Vitali enjoying suckers from Aunt Mary.

My Hannah, age eight for a few more months.

One of the last few pictures of her with both front teeth.
They are both wiggly and won't last long!

Swimming at the lake. Our heat wave has finally ended but we took several trips to a little beach that is only moments from our house to cool off. This was the first time we went. All the kids love the water as you can see but no one enjoys it as much as Max! He loves to play in water, be it the lake or a pool or even a little one-foot wading pool, he will play in it until I call him for bed!

Misha is crying because Steve is pushing him to walk out deeper and to trust him. Misha has some "sensory issues"and without going into it, pools and the lake caused hysterics at first. It isn't the same as the two-year-old who spends the first three trips to the pool hanging out on the steps; it's its own kind of hysterical. Anyway, now, only a few weeks since his first foray into a pool, he laughs and asks for more when Steve tosses the kids into the water! In fact, we are seeing less and less of the issues that have plagued him!

More water! Here are all of my children and two of their friends practicing synchronized jumping into the friends' subdivision pool. Kids, left to right: Ivy, Annette, Misha (see how well he is doing now?!), Vitali, our friend Neil, Hannah and her friend Rachel, and finally, Max. Max looks like he's sitting in the chair but it's an illusion; he's really in mid-air! Ivy is the only one still afraid to jump.


Lynn said...

Those suckers are huge! I'm sure Vitali enjoyed every lick until it was gone.

Hannah is so pretty!

Annette's teeth are too funny. Ethan doesn't even have a loose one yet.

Swimming looks fun and refreshing!

BethPie said...

Such beautiful kids!! I'm so happy that Misha's fear of the water was fairly short-lived. He would have been missing out on loads of summer fun!

Chloe's two top teeth are wiggly, too. ;o)

Anonymous said...

Mom,Ivy was not afraid to jump she was getting out of the pool from her first jump but she
was a little late for the picture