Saturday, June 7, 2008

Today Annette asked me:
"Mom, how can your eyes fall out in your mom's tummy?" Yeah, it didn't make any sense to me, either.
Turns out she was wondering about Uncle Josh's dog, who was born without eyes, or an eye, I don't' know which. So, I explained to her that they don't fall out, they just never grow. Like how some people are born without an arm. It doesn't fall off; it just never grows.
"But Mom!" she queried, alarmed, "What if they get married? How can they hold their bouquet?!!"

In other news:
The washer is broken. I don't think we'll fix it this time. We have been wanting to get out from under this mountain of laundry that is not just from six kids but six kids AND a couple of loads of window washing rags each day! I think we will get a large capacity that is like a front loader but is a top loader and holds even more. I'm not sure. We have a friend who works for whirlpool and he recommends this one called the Cabrio (I don't know if that is spelled right; I didn't look it up)

While putting the kids to bed last night we heard the sound of fireworks screaming outside. Hannah came running down the hall. "MOM!!!! DAD!!!! there are fireworks shooting off IN OUR BACKYARD!!!" Sure enough, there they were-15 ft from the back door!
Uncle Nathan's here. I deduced.
Yep. I was right. And Uncle Evan too. And Simon.


Stange Family said...

I LOVED Annette's conclusion about the real problems of being born without an arm :)
UGH, I'm so sorry your washer quit...hope you can get a new (and huge) one soon!
AND, you gotta love when someone shows up and introduces chaos into a calm moment! haha

David and Sarah said...

That is just too funny! It's great to have kids around. They keep you laughing, that's for sure.

By the way, I have four kids (soon to be five) and my husband is a contractor/carpenter. I LOVE my super capacity washer and dryer. It was well worth the money. It is such a time saver.