Thursday, September 18, 2008


We went up north for Steve's youngest brother's wedding. Ivy was their flower girl. She looked so beautiful. All her siblings told her so. The little ring bearer did too. She was in her glory!

Enjoy the photos!


Beth Laurie said...

What a cute picture of Max and Ivy. I love Ivy's hair.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the kids are adorable. I love that girl's dress, it is gorgeous!

-Erika J.

Dawn said...

Wow....Steve's "baby" brother...all grown up and sooo handsome!
Looks like a lovely wedding.
Your Miss Ivy is just the sweetest!

Dawn said...

Re/your comment at my place:
I love the concord grape fragrance, too!!!
We are going to the orchard this afternoon for some apples. You have convinced me to buy a basket of grapes as well...
I agree with you..the autumn is just wonderful in NY!

Kari said...

Ivy looks so cute! What a pretty little flower girl. Did Hannah give her some tips. I know she's the super experienced flower girl.

Lynn Falk said...

That picture of Max and Ivy is precious!

David and Sarah said...

What beautiful pictures! But then, it seems that you always take beautiful pictures. Of course, it does help to have such adorable children too!