Friday, September 19, 2008

A bunch more random photos from the trip

On our way to New York, we imposed upon my brother and his family on the day which also happened to be Hannah's birthday. We walked in to see balloons tied to the chairs and a delicious looking cake on the table. (I should not that this also turned out to be delicious tasting, too!)
The present stack looked better than the bag contents were but Hannah posed next to the carefully balanced pile, just the same. There was a karaoke machine in the big one on the bottom which kept us entertained well into the evening!

Steve's Uncle Richard invited us to stop by his farm on our way out of town to pick grapes. We jumped at the chance and picked quite a few! We're still eating them. Most of the kids have been averaging at least 2 bunches a day and there is still a day left! Mmmmm! Thank you, Dick and Stephanie!!

The kids had fun getting the last of their wiggles out for the day on this spinning teeter-totter like contraption. I don't know what it was, exactly, but it was fun!

Steve's parents home was overrun with pets. Theirs and visiting animals. Four baby kittens were excellent entertainment. This is Misha pretending to like the kittens. He really doesn't know why we all held them or why his brothers and sisters carried them all around. He did notice that holding a kitten and smiling would win him a spot on the camera. :-)

Wendy and Little-Wendy.

Steve helping his soon-to-be new little sister with her homework. Selena loves her Uncle Steve. My family will get a kick out of the fact that he is, hands down, her favorite uncle. As in, she cried for an hour in her bedroom after we left. Ha! Beat that, Aunt Elise. ;-)

Max and one of the four kittens. This one's name is Oreo. Another of Steve's new little sisters told me his name. Trouble is, she doesn't say her "r" sounds. So she said "Owee-owe". It took me a minute...

Ivy and a kitty watch Vitali color. He wants no help from the kitten.
But look at this trick, Mommy!
My next words were, "Ivy! don't do that to the kitten!"

Ivy as a flower girl again.

Pretty Annie


All but two of this generation of the family tree.

Steve dancing with Hannah and his youngest sister-to-be, Yasmin.
(pronounced Jasmine, for some reason)

Okay, that's it for now. I think the next photos will be about something else.


rachel said...

Annie must be the same age as my Z-they have the exact same teeth configuration in the front. :oD

Love all the pics...

David and Sarah said...

I love the pictures of the boys and the kittens. They look so sweet (the boys, I mean. Well, I guess that they kittens do too!)

Susan said...

The teeter-totter-like contraption is what we called a "Flying Jenny" when I was a child. I learned the name from my mother, b.1907, who said my grandfather had built one for her and her siblings when they were kids. They're great fun - up and down and all around, all at once! A girl who lived a block up my street had one during my childhood - we'd sneak into her backyard to play on it when she and her family weren't home, for some unremembered reason.

I love the photos of your family at Panama Rocks. It looks a lot like Chattanooga's Rock City, but more natural and full of adventures for everyone. Good choice!

Best wishes,
Susan in Ky
Cousin to two from Ukraine