Saturday, January 24, 2009

A bunch of random snow day pictures:

We had a couple of days of snow this past week! Not even enough snow to cover the tops of the blades of grass but enough to play with. Since we don't see much around here, everyone rushed to get ready and go out and play. Hats and coats and gloves and boots were rooted out of the closet depths. Some were harder to track down than others. The dryer ran all day the first day, drying dripping mittens and such for the next shift of play. The second morning of snow I went out with my camera and propped it up for a long-overdo whole-family shot. Just one day past the one-year anniversary of the Boys' arrival at our home!
The whole family. Ivy chose to lick her teeth at the last minute so there is one smile missing but a pretty good picture over all. I should have taken more shots but it was cold and there was a sliding hill waiting...

Silly boys.
Misha and Daddy

The first day was wetter snow and the kids made the World's Ugliest Snowman.

Max, with the World's Ugliest Snowman's head.

Max, with the World's Nicest Ukrainian head.

Arms for the WUSM.

Oops! How did that get in here? Evan wasn't at our house that day...

Daddy and his little Sweet Girl.

Charming, disarming...

A glimpse of two of the sledding party. Hannah is wearing my boots because she didn't have any except her rain boots which Max was wearing. She said they weren't really all that big on her. Not surprising since she is quickly outgrowing all her own shoes...

The lovely Annette.
Whoa! Annette! Hello! This extreme close up will help some of you recognize her better. Annette is still working on the concept of personal space. :-)
In her defense, this time it was my camera's fault.
Catching snow. Good thing I forgot to bring in those spray paint can lids.
Think of all the fun he would have missed.

Well, I guess he could've used his tongue like Ivy. :-P

Now the snow is gone and yesterday the kids played outside, some of them wearing short sleeves! I love Tennessee weather!


Dawn said...

Wonderful post, Melissa!
I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Beth Laurie said...

Way to sneak that photo of Evan in there