Saturday, January 31, 2009

It's official...

I'm thirty-four. And I have to take pictures of my own self...

Wanna know what I got for my birthday?

Steve got me this giant mirror for our small bedroom that I thought would make our room look larger. It does. On the down-side, it looks twice as messy now. Still, I love it!

Hannah gave me a movie and some gardening gloves

Annette got me some Butterfingers and Lavender scented body splash

Max also got me body splash. His was passion-fruit scented. He also gave me a package of crunchy Reese's cups

Misha gave me some plastic Chip-clips and an eight-pack of travel size Kleenexes.

Vitali got me FIRE, Heh, heh! ( A long lighter) and a package of napkins

Ivy proudly gave me her gifts as well, Cherry Twizzler bites and pink underwear.

And yes, except for Steve's gifts, they all came from the dollar store. It's great when the kids have the whole store to pick from and they can choose anything they want!! HAHA! It was so much fun to open the gifts: "Mine next!", "Open this one!", "I got you this!"
Good memories.

Oh! and my Mom and Dad gave me a digital photo frame which I can't wait to try out! Thanks everyone!!

...and now to get the church clothes ready and go to bed...


Maggy_Keet said...

Happy Birthday! What a beautiful picture of you : ) You don't look 34, you look about 24! Loved hearing about all gifts from the kids. That's sweet. I really want one of those digital photo frames too! We got one for my grandparents for Christmas and they loved it. xx

Mike and Christie said...

That is a GREAT picture! I had to LOL at your mirror comment. :)
I can reflect that. :)

It sounds like a perfect birthday.

BethPie said...

Happy birthday!!! What a gorgeous picture! I'm right behind you... 34 in April (you look younger than I do, though). ;o)

Dawn said...

Happy 34!

Beth Laurie said...

Hey, happy birthday. Sorry, I should have called. It's been a busy weekend. Hope all is well.

Grandma Falk said...

It was fun to witness all of the excitement of the children at the birthday party. When you are a mother, your birthday party is as much for the chidren as it is for you! It's great that the kids are seeing how much fun it is to give.